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Restore, Protect and Keep Metal Looking Its Best
M-F 8-5 Pacific Time
Keep your Brass looking Freshly Polished

Prevent Fingerprints, Tarnish and Corrosion.

Many types of brass can be protected!

"Thanks again for just everything, ProtectaClear and the service! You all were kind enough to send me instructions, ask if I had questions or issues in using your products, extending excellent customer service to me time after time.

I’ve attached 2 pictures of projects that ProtectaClear really helped me out with. I think they turned out just beautiful! The candlestick was just an oddly large find in a mountain town antique store, sure as heck didn’t look like that when I first brought it home! The lamp was originally so gross, I had no idea it was actually head to toe brass! Thanks to ProtectaClear, no one will make that mistake again.

Since I bought the product, I’ve ProtectaClear’ed everything in the house I could get my hands on. Your product is just excellent!! Its very easy to use, very forgiving when I messed up, and I couldn’t be happier to have found it.

I refurbish old lamps as a hobby and a stress release. Your product takes them to a level I’ve not seen before. I get so many compliments now! I’ve recommended ProtectaClear to everyone who comments on a brass or metal item in my house.

The excellent product, coupled with the simply unsurpassed customer service, compelled me to write to you to thank you very much. People should know that when they buy your product, you are really there for them. I couldn’t be happier with your product or your company. Best,"

Susan L., Colorado

Susan's lamps protected with ProtectaClear.

Brass Candlestick protected with ProtectaClear Brass Lamp Protected with ProtectaClear

Project is finished. I refinished door knocker, letter slot cover and door lock/handle assembly (see attached picture). I removed everything off the door and disassembled everything before doing the cleaning and coating with ProtectaClear. Biggest challenge was getting the door handle and lock assembly back in working condition. I am no more of a locksmith than I am a metal refinisher!

The refinishing went smoothly enough. I got everything looking good in spite of several years of outdoor tarnish. The coating went on easily and I achieved a smooth lustrous finish. I applied 4 coats of ProtectaClear in the hope that everything would stay untarnished longer.

Nigel W. from New Jersey

Polished Brass Door Hardware coated with ProtectaClear

What Do I need to Restore and Protect Brass?

Everbrite Coating

Everbrite will stop tarnish on copper
Choose various sizes of Everbrite to protect most brass items including weathervanes, panels and more.

ProtectaClear Coating

Choose various sizes of ProtectaClear to protect brass that gets a lot of use like sinks, counters, jewelry, door hardware, bath fixtures and more.

Not Sure?

Which Coating do I need? Easy to follow Chart will help you decide.

What do I need to Restore & Protect Brass?

Everbrite Coating Only Choose Everbrite for architectural metals. Copper Roofs, gutters, yard art, gates, etc. that are new or already look the way you want them to look.

Everbrite Coating will seal and protect copper, brass and other metal from tarnish and oxidation.

Choose from various sizes of Everbrite Coating.

Everbrite Kits with Cleaners.

Choose Everbrite Kits with Cleaners if you need to clean the surface first before protecting it.

Choose various sizes of ProtectaClear.

Choose various sizes of ProtectaClear to protect metals that get a lot of use like sinks, jewelry, countertops, stainless steel or mirror polished metals.

Choose various sizes of ProtectaClear.

ProtectaClear Kits with Cleaners or Polish if you need to clean the surface first before protecting it.

"I was amazed with the results! I started out by doing my front door knobs and hardware (the pieces I bought to use ProtectaClear on). It was so easy to use, I ended up doing all my brass items----wall sconces, candleholders, etc. The hardest part of the project was getting started! I was hesitant to use ProtectaClear because, part of me, didn't think it would live up to my expectations. I was afraid I would end up with dull, sticky, streaky brass---after years of lovingly polishing it. I was wrong!!! The results were terrific.

I, now, have the satisfaction of a job well done. I am totally impressed with ProtectaClear and will recommend it to my friends. Thank you,"

Jo-Anne L.

We use our ProtectaClear to protect an antique brass baby bed that we bought many years ago. Originally our daugther slept in it. It had been in the attic since then and now we have a new grandson (our first) and wanted to clean it up for him to use. The hard part was cleaning it. The easy part was protecting it with the ProtectaClear product. It worked great and the bed is beautiful. You have a wonderful product. Feel free to use us as a reference anytime. Regards, Mike and Charlene D.

Mike and Charlene D.

Questions? We are happy to help.